Essay on The Happiest Days - Original Writing

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Never have I been more anxious, agitated, or petrified of what I believed would be one of the most exciting and the happiest days I’d ever experience when I was a child. My heart was palpitating like a bell that was being struck powerfully, and its beat rang throughout my entire body and out my ears to stand as an eerie reminder that I was falling under the weight of a high school crush; tomorrow that weight would be lifted or it would only be magnified by the feeling of rejection. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t dealt with both before, but that was when the concept was still new to me and the idea of a romantic relationship at that age was awkwardly holding hands in the distance and was far from serious. Now I had felt more mature in that the concept and gravity of actually sharing that much personally with an individual who isn’t family is extremely significant and not to be taken lightly. Part of me felt like this was my first opportunity to appreciate that special bond with someone who I felt was a momentous force in my life. The night before I asked, I could not stand the fact that I had to anticipate how to even attempt this. Subsequently, being completely unaware of the answer left a hollow crater in my gut that felt like a black hole that was slowly inhaling my body rather than what someone else might call butterflies. I thoughtlessly messaged her, as a pseudo way of asking if I had given her the same feelings, and when she answered yes, I was totally discombobulated.…

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