The Green Emblem Boy Into Our Council Essay

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“Pardon my ignorance, but I was under the impression that our powers could be used against one another (if we were so inclined).” Said Cedric. “Now, your saying he was unable to read your mind?” “Correct.” Said Larin. “I’ve made modifications to my mask to inhibit such intrusions without my consent.”
Cedric expressed a look of concern on his face. “I applaud your efforts for ensuring your own protection.” Said Cedric. “That being said, why have you omitted this crucial information from the council? Furthermore, does your mask stifle the powers of the other council members?” “Christopher’s divisive rhetoric would have transformed into flagrant actions – towards me, mind you – if this piece of information was disclosed during our meeting.” Said Larin. “I attempted to promote the integration of the green-emblem boy into our council, but, when that failed, I decided to withhold this information for a more appropriate moment. In terms of your second question, you can rest assured that my mask only prevents the powers of the green-emblem, and no one else.” “Wouldn’t it be logical for each of us to have a similar mask?” Asked Twilar.
 “No.” Said Larin
Cedric and Twilar both had a look of disbelief on their face, flabbergasted by Larin’s curt response. “And why is that?!” Said Twilar. “Did you listen to my earlier response?” Said Larin. “Ace felt threatened when his powers faltered, infuriating him and causing deep-seeded anger. Our unequivocal goal is, and…

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