The Greek Mythology : The Iliad And The Odyssey Essay

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Religion was the lens through which the Greeks perceived the world around them. The influence of the Greek gods on the Grecian worldview was prevailing because the Greeks believed in the ultimate authority of these deities. However, these deities tended to be temperamental, therefore causing the concept of honor and shame to also play a significant role in Greek worldview. Examining prominent literary works from that era allows us to understand how the Greeks interacted with the world around them. Literature created during this time provides glimpses into the Grecian mindset. Literary sources from this age that fully delve into the Greek mindset are Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey. These epics have heroic virtues, such as bravery and cunning, woven throughout them, indicating the value the Greeks placed on these attributes. In both of these epics, the main characters have similar personalities. Achilles possesses immense skill and bravery in battle and Odysseus has cunning that even the goddess of wisdom, Athena, admires. Both respect the gods to a degree and use their admired attributes to gain glory. Achilles gains glory and honor through his renowned dexterity in battle. According to book sixteen of The Iliad, just the sight of Achilles’ armor was enough to terrify the enemy, even if Achilles was not actually the one wearing it. This emphasizes the honor he earned with occasional aid from varying gods. Odysseus also brings honor to his name, but through a different…

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