The Greatest Philosopher Of All Time Essay

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Plato or his birth name Aristocles, is the world 's greatest philosopher known to man. He had a very unique way of perceiving life and people. Plato 's work, findings, and his way of thinking is the reason why I think he is the greatest philosopher of all time. Because of him, I have broadened my horizons and started to look at life and philosophy in a whole new light. He has contributed so much to philosophy from finding the world 's first university to his studies on epistemology, ethics, and a variety of different subjects. His work has inspired a variety of other great philosophers, such as Aristotle and David Hume. Plato paved the way for how we do philosophy and what philosophy is really about. His work extends to every area of philosophy and he is not only the greatest but also one of the most influential philosophers that this world has ever known.
Plato: The World 's Greatest Philosopher Plato was an ancient Greek philosopher, born in circa 428 B.C.E. He is considered one of the earliest and greatest philosopher in the history of Western philosophers. He was born into a wealthy family and lived to see the rise and fall of Athens. "Plato grew up during the Peloponnesian War and came of age around the time of Athens final defeat by Sparta and the political chaos that followed." ( Staff, 2009). He was a student of another great philosopher Socrates, whom I believe contributed greatly to Plato 's work. His writings explored epistemology,…

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