The Great Powers Of The World Essay

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With the advent of modern transportation, and instantaneous communication via the internet, telephones, television, etc the world became a much smaller, and more interconnected place than it was ever in all of human history. Through these innovations the spread of people, ideas, and cultures became commonplace. This phenomenon of spreading cultures is known by the moniker of “globalization”. Proponents of globalization believe that through spreading of ideas and culture the world will benefit and be better off for it. They even go as far as to say things along the lines of “Globalization is rendering the concepts of geopolitics and Great Powers obsolete.” The very idea of this argument is, of course, quite nonsensical, and the exact opposite may be true. What follows will be an argument of why great powers, as well as geopolitics, aren’t going anywhere, and in fact why globalization may only increase the relative strength and influence of great powers. Arguing that the interconnectedness of the world decreases geopolitics or great powers of the world isn’t really a recent concept. Prior to World War One Norman Angell, in his book The Great Illusion, puts forward that war between nations benefits no nation, and ultimately only weakens them, and thus war would become more unlikely when these nations realized this. Of course Angell wasn’t arguing that war was never going to happen in the world, but only that it was much more unlikely. Despite the risks, and the…

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