The Great Gatsby chapter questions Essay

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1. Why are we still reading a book written in the 1920's? What gives a book its longevity?
We read books that was written in the 1920's because it shows what people were like at that time and what it was like in the world. A book gets its longevity by portraying what happened in the past.
2. How was the 1920's a reaction to WWI?
Women were giving more rights, people became interested in goods.
3. Some people think that having money leads to happiness. Do you agree? Why or why not? What are the advantages or disadvantages of being wealthy.
I agree that money leads to happiness because if you don't have money you can't buy things, you can't go out and do things like go on vacations and do things just to have fun.
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Why does Fitzgerald list all of Gatsby's party guests?
He does this to show that they aren't really Gatsby's friends they just show up as they please and leave when they want to.

3. Why does Gatsby tell Nick about his life? Do you believe Gatsby? Does Nick?
He does this so Nick will trust him and I don't believe him but I've already watched the movie. Nick is skeptical about Gatsby as well.

4. What role does Meyer Wolfsheim play in the novel? Why is there so much focus on his nose and what does this tell you about Fitzgerald's politics?

5. What does Jordan's story of Daisy's marriage reveal about Daisy?
It shows that Daisy doesn't really care about Tom and she definitely didn't want to marry him. I think she knew she loved Gatsby more than she could ever love Tom but she wanted Tom's money.

6. Why did Gatsby want Daisy to see his house?
He wants her to see his house to impress her so she would leave her husband for him, because he knows she cares about that stuff.

7. Nick says, "There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired." What does Nick mean? How does each character in the novel fit into this schema?
He meant that there are people still trying to pursue a dream, who already have or people who have given up. I think Nick is the busy and the tired, and Gatsby would be considered to be the pursuing because he is still trying to get

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