The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay examples

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Everyone has that one person who manages to turn their lives upside down for better or worse. It is hard to forget about that person as you may have heavily depended on them whether it be socially or romantically. The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is about that one person. The novel itself centers around the story of Jay Gatsby, who spends 5 years waiting for his one true love, Daisy, in hopes that they will one day get back together. Because of the extremely interesting, somewhat tragic plot, there have been film adaptations of it, trying to capture the atmosphere the novel brings to an even larger audience. The 2013 film adaption by Baz Lurhmann is no different. The film manages to capture the accurate representation of the characters, Daisy and Tom, but the exaggerated version of the character, Gatsby, detracts the success away from the film as it makes Gatsby seem as though he is a control freak who lost Daisy because of his possessiveness, which then makes Daisy seem as though she is not in the wrong for choosing Tom over Gatsby.
The film manages to intrigue the audience with its accurate portrayal of Daisy. Daisy, who is played by Carey Mulligan, illustrates the idea of a “beautiful little fool” perfectly (17). A synonym for foolish is imprudent. Imprudent is the correct word to describe a character like Daisy, who does not care about the consequences of her actions. An example of that is when she reconciles with Gatsby and begins an affair behind her…

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