The Delusions Of Desire And Desire In A Streetcar Named Desire

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Register to read the introduction… Similarly in A Streetcar Named Desire one of the main characters Blanche Dubois has the same problem with being delusional. She goes and meets her sister Stella and begins to fabricate a story about what has happened to her. She tries to go about finding love by telling Stella, Stanley and countless men lies about her past. When Blanche arrives at Stella’s house she is talking to Stanley and he asks her if …show more content…
He attempts to do it discreetly by coming over to talk to Nick as she arrives. If he really wanted to meet Daisy because he loved her he needed to arrange it himself, but his delusional thoughts lead him to believe that she must still love him, as much as he still loves her. Lastly near the end of the novel, Gatsby shows how fantasized he has become by Daisy when he says to Tom “Your wife doesn’t love you, She’s never loved you. She loves me.” (Fitzgerald 124; 6) Gatsby shows how he feels, and it shows how delusional he has become. Gatsby is trying to escape the fact that when he left for the war Daisy forgot about him. Her love for money was greater than her love for Gatsby and he was too blind to see it. This relates to Streetcar because if Blanche truly loved Allan Gray, like she said, she would have never insulted him, ultimately driving him to madness and killing himself, and if Daisy had loved Gatsby he would have never had to tell Tom that, because she never would have married him, she would have waited for his return. In order to cope though Gatsby has to tell him self that she loves him, and in order for Blanche to cope she tells herself that it was Allan’s …show more content…
He tries getting close to her, but he can not accept the truth. Daisy accepts that her love is gone and that she can not get him back, but she refuses to believe that it was all her fault, she tells her self and other people lies to avoid reality. Gatsby always tells the truth but he can not escape the fact that he is in love with a girl that he can not get back.
A difference in Gatsby’s and Blanche’s use of their wealth is very evident. Gatsby is a truly rich man, and uses money freely but the only reason he has made himself a rich man, he was not born with the pleasure of being wealthy and he attained his fortune illegally and does so in a hope that Daisy will love him for it. He does not care about anybody at his parties; he just wants Daisy to show up to one. Blanche was born into a wealthy family, but when Allan Gray died she seemed to begin to lose her money. Even though she is not wealthy she acts as if she is, and dresses just to impress

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