The Great Ethical Debate Of The Legalization Of Marijuana Essay examples

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The great ethical debate of the legalization of marijuana has been a popular topic since the 1960’s at both the state and national level. Marijuana is a mixture of dried shredded flowers and leaves that come from the hemp plant. Farmers would grow hemp and exchange it in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. It’s popularity in the 19th century was in the form of medicinal products and was openly sold in public pharmacies.
The recreational use of marijuana began after the Mexican Revolution in the year of 1910, when Mexican immigrants came into the United States. Americans felt fear and prejudice among these newcomers and their idea of the recreational use of weed. They associated terrible crimes to Mexicans and marijuana. As the result of this fear, 29 states had outlawed marijuana. In 1937, after a propaganda ad against “Evil Weed”, Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act, which criminalized marijuana and created a tax for medicinal and industrial uses. The possession of marijuana became criminal in 1951-1956, with federal laws now in place.
In the 1960’s, President Kennedy and Johnson found cannabis to not be as harmful as it once seemed to be. Congress began to repeal many of the mandatory penalties and laws that were once in place. These sparked ideas of change and progression in the legalization of marijuana. After the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington in 2012, citizens of 21 years of age or older are allowed to carry once ounce of weed on them for…

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