The Great Depression Essay

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4. The Great Depression affected the lives of many families lived in the United States. As well as this was a severe, and most extensive depression which affected people across the world. For the reason that there was a fall of the stock market, a drought ravaged the agricultural heartland. Those who were dependent on their farmland to provide for their families became imposed by coercion to retreat and relocate their entire families. "Says he wasn 't hungry, or he jus ' et. Give me the food. Now he 's too weak. Can 't hardly move." We see an example of a family who still knows what it means to be a family, even in dire circumstances. The starving father is a reminder of the selflessness, of the sense of community that once was associated with the idea of family, and his son has not left his side. This migration was a struggle during this period because the lack of resources and money to survive. Among other elements, starvation and homelessness caused many to die at an early age. “How can we live without our lives? How will we know it 's us without our past?” John Steinbeck 's, The Grapes of Wrath, exhibits the Joad 's, a family who undergoes the collapse of the agrarian lifestyle, while forced to move their entire family to possibly a more advantageous situation. This presumed liberating destination California, is supposed to provide a positive outlook on the future of the Joad family. Similar to other families, the Joad 's migrated towards an aspiration of a better life.…

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