The Great Depression Of The World War II Essays

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Joe is a seventy-six- year-old man who is married to a woman named Florence. His

parents were Hungarian immigrants who struggled to keep a family going in the United States

during the depression. Joe’s father was able to gather enough money to start a small hardware

business. This caused Joe to have to drop out of school in the 9 th grade. Then, he was eventually

drafted for World War 2 when he was 23. When Joe returned from the army he took a bigger

interest in the hardware store.

The business then became a success as time went on, but Joe felt ashamed and had regret

over his choice to drop out of school. When Joe was 45 he met Florence, they developed a

relationship quickly despite his lack of education and her extensive education. They married

within a year. They worked hard, raised a daughter, and saved what they earned so they could

enjoy their retirement. They enjoyed their retirement in the neighborhood Joe grew up in and

spent time with friends. They also enjoy time at the local country club. During a return trip from

Florida on a plane is when Joe first started to experience symptoms. His breathing became

labored on the flight home and he began thinking about opening the plane door to get air. He

began to wonder if he was going crazy with this battle within himself.

During this battle within himself on the plane ride home, Joe began to feel so deprived of

air he wanted to open the door to the plane to feel the fresh air on the other side. His heart…

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