Joe Louis: The American Hero

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The American Hero

Being a hero and symbol isn’t as easy as it seems especially back in

the day you have to work, sweat, and even dedicate your life to whatever

you are known for and doing.Joe Louis was the heavyweight champion

from 1937 to 1949 and was hero and a symbol to the American people.

Joe Louis was born on May 13, 1914, Lafayetta, Alabama. Joe started

spending time with a gang. His mom didn’t want him to get in any trouble

she made him do violin lessons. Joe was introduced to the life of boxing

because of his friend. He from then on used violin money to train at the

Brewster Recreation Center and fought under the name Joe Louis so his

mom wouldn’t find out ( editors).
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Joe didn’t have fast results in success due to the fact he got floored a

ton of times by Johnny Miller the 1932 Olympian in his memory Joe
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Joe won an award called the

Golden Gloves title in the national athletes champion in 1934 also

Louis’s talents caught up with his ability to punch extremely hard.

( editors).

Joe was called the “Brown Bomber” after the knockout of a German

boxer called Max Schmeling in 1938 then later was known as a national

hero and created a record after 12 years of holding on to

championship.The Brown Bomber had 25 defenses for the title which is

also a world record, three knockouts in first round. (

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