The Grand Finale For Writing A Paper

1243 Words May 8th, 2016 null Page
Conclusions are the grand finale to writing a paper. They have the power to make professors stop and think “wow, that was an overall strong paper” or “wow, that went downhill quick.” After writing my essays this semester for Writing 102, I believe that my conclusions most likely evoked the second response. Usually my conclusions tend to go off-topic, or when I try to write a creative opening sentence for my conclusion, it has nothing to tie into my paper at all, so it leaves readers with confusion. I have learned that not all conclusions have to be creative and elaborate because most of the time a simple and concise conclusion will serve the purpose.
Throughout the semester, I put most of my focus towards having strong research and argumentation in my body paragraphs. I have now realized that by putting all my time and energy towards body paragraphs, it took away from having a decent conclusion. In this writing 102 course, I wish I would have begun to focus more on the ending earlier in the semester instead of just having filler words and sentences to make up my concluding paragraphs. The longest sentence in the concluding paragraph of my analysis essay made up half of the paragraph because it was full of filler words to help me reach the word count. The sentence says, “She inspires women by showing that they have the power to become a happier and healthier person, and that she can help them achieve this by using her guides or following some of her plans.” This concluding…

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