The Gospel Of The Wonder Working Servant Essay

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I chose to do my analytical review on The Gospel of Mark. Mark is known as The Gospel of the Wonder-Working Servant. The book of Mark is written by John Mark, in Rome between 60-70 c.e. Mark’s beginning of religious followings came when he accompanied Barnabas and Paul on the first missionary journey. After that journey Barnabas wanted to take Mark on the second journey, but Paul would not let him go because he said he was a failure, so Barnabas and Paul went back to Cypress. According to the Mighty Acts of God, Mark had changed for the better because Peter later asked Mark to join him in Rome, saying he was now useful in the ministry. Mark was a close disciple of Peter so he heard Peter tell stories about Jesus everywhere they went. I believe this event is the spark that started Mark’s gospel of the story of Jesus because Peter made it known he wanted to leave behind a written record for believers. Mark thought his gospel was important for the Christians in Rome to hear because he could relate their situation to Jesus’ situation in Palestine. I definitely understand why this is called the wonder working gospel, as it seems most of the time Mark is talking about Jesus’ miraculous acts through out his life time. “The ministry of Jesus according to the author of the Gospel of Mark is one of healing the sick, lame, and blind who come to him in overwhelming numbers; of arguing with religious leaders who oppose his work, and plot to kill him” (Harrelson 1801). In the gospel of…

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