The Gospel Of Luke And Jesus Essay

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The Gospel of Luke and Jesus in Our Lives Today The Gospel of Luke shows significant relevance to all aspects of our daily Christian lives whilst successfully reinforcing the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ. Through Luke’s Gospel, we can encounter Jesus firsthand and understand his teachings in depth in order to extensively implement them to live a God-fearing life and inspire others to do the same. Jesus is the bringer of salvation, good news and the Kingdom of God. He was the first to speak the Gospel and the living word himself. The Gospel of Luke focuses on the fact that the Kingdom of God has already come and all are welcome inside until this day. Society is expanding and adopting new ideas at a rapid rate, similar to the non-Jewish community in the past Luke was writing for. We also need to be reminded of Jesus’ kingdom and his will, this can be accomplished through Luke’s Gospel which contain many miracles, parables and valuable teachings to show the Power of God, love, faith and hope for our current world. The Gospel of Luke was written in Greek 62AD (close to writing of Matthew’s Gospel) in Antioch, Greece. The author Luke was Gentile Christian doctor influenced by his discipleship under Paul, academically equipped and meticulous regarding research details in the accuracy of events and dates of Jesus’ life. The opening verses of his Gospel clearly reflect his intentions of presenting a message of truth and recording Jesus’ life, death and resurrection in…

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