The Good Friend And The Person Who Is Right Essay

1340 Words Nov 19th, 2015 6 Pages
Humans, we always want to liked, accepted, and agreed with. Throughout our lives we constantly try to have the support and attention of our peers, we rely on the reassurance of others to be happy and have confidence. And we don’t get along with someone we do anything to know we are right and have the support of people around us. You may not realize this but think. Have you ever said something bad about someone to make yourself seem better, or offered someone something so they will agree with you? This often happens when growing up you get in a fight with your friend and your mutual friends are stuck between decided which side to be on. You say bad things about the other person and offer the mutual friend something so that they will think you are the better friend and the person who is right in this situation. Humans do this because we need to know we are the better person and need our peers to believe that too, and we often find ourselves willing to do anything for this, such as lying, bribing, and talking bad about someone else. We try to find the faults in others to benefit ourselves and make us feel better about who we are or what we have done and we do this by using other people to hurt the people we dislike. This mind set towards people we dislike and needing others to make us feel accomplished and using them to hurt others continues from childhood to adulthood greatly effecting relationships between people for the bad. And as young adult in today’s society I see this…

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