Essay on The Good Daughter By Caroline Hwang

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People from all around the world come to America looking for freedom, wealth, and happiness. They leave behind their families and culture in order to start a new life for themselves and their children. Caroline Hwang was raised by Korean parents in America. Hwang lived the American dream until one day she went into a dry-cleaning store. Another Korean woman had asked for her name, when she pronounced it as “Hwang” instead of “Fxuang”, the woman burst into laughter. This is when Hwang began to feel uneasy about her true identity. Many children born of immigrant parents share the same struggle, yet it is a situation no one seems to speak about. Caroline Hwang, author of the article “The Good Daughter,” successfully demonstrates to her audience that children with foreign parents are constantly trying to fit into two different worlds. Some people could argue that the feeling of not belonging within a culture is unrealistic; her use of pathos is to convince her audience that what she feels goes beyond self-pity. From what we know, as the audience, she did not have a rough childhood or get bullied for being Korean. Many people, especially at a young age, question themselves and their talents which could relate to Hwang’s feelings about meeting her parent’s expectations while trying to fulfill her own goals. Therefore, some might feel as if she is being ungrateful; however, being forced into an unwanted life-style blocks a person’s ability to find happiness. “The Good Daughter”…

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