The Goals Of A Counselor Essay

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Goals of Research
When a counselor takes the time to plan out research and follow through with this research, it is so important for them to implement this data into a report for many reasons. Not only for them to gage the success of the interventions, strategies, and practices they have been focusing on for some time now, but to share with others so that their success can be used and manipulated for fine tuning or for the help of another participant somewhere else. Setting goals through this process is how one can accomplish these things. Whether the research is qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods the research needs to have goals. Now, often time’s goals can be hard to set during research. What goals are we trying to achieve? The goals are very distinctive between the two types of research. Quantitative goals are going to be measured by a statistic, while qualitative goals are going to be measured by observations, and zero statistics or numbers to pull from. In counseling, we look at qualitative goals most of the time. These goals are going to take a bit more creativity to come up with and are also going to need to be more specific. (Sheperis, Young, & Daniels, 2010) These will follow a participants behavior patterns and will be based on their observations and interviews with their counselor. Even though in counseling majority of the goals will come from qualitative research, goals can be set from quantitative research. There may be times when a counselor has to…

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