The Glass Door Essay

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The Woman

Glassy beads slipped down my cup recklessly; the condensation flimsly falling onto the vinyl table top. He sat across from me, mummering the events of the day in a voice of boredom. My plate of food was cold and my fork laid unused next to it. The black and white tiles of the floor were hypnotizing and numbing to the mind. Across from me he ate indignatnly and unaware; until, the glass door shook with a rapt from the outside. Our eyes met, his drilling inot mine with confusion expecting an answer. With a sigh, I suggested that it must be a salesman. Doubt crossed both of our minds, yet he rose from his seat to answer the door. The glass door vibrated from the confindent knocks from the other side again. The noise managed to shake the floor and travel to my bones, trembling and thin. Watery bullets escaped from my glass with the vibrations. He opened the solid wooden door that sepearted us from who stood out there with little hestitaion. Fingers clung to the door with white knuckles. On the other side of the glass stood a withering old woman; swept up in a blue trench coat with coal buttons, she swayed from side to side. Her shoes were plain along with her brown hair pulled away from her face. From my chair, she seemed so fragile, with skin like white paper and hands like wrinkled cotton. Her eyes were sunken deeply into her skull with dark half moons under them; these black orbs were pulling and grasping for something, anything. "Is there anything we can…

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