Essay on The Glass Castle By Rosemary Walls

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The Glass Castle Rosemary Walls has numerous instances, all through the book, The Glass Castle, that persuade the readers to identify her with Bipolar Disorder. Their sudden mood swings, impairment in thinking, distortion in perception and weak social functioning identify people who experience this disorder. Additionally, Rosemary shows symptoms of the disorder where she depicts outbursts of energy, extraordinary concentration on tasks, and uncontrolled conduct. Furthermore, this sickness causes a person to live through extreme behaviors and depressive mental episodes, which describes Rosemary all through the book. She was just not ignorant and careless towards her children, but left them unsupervised during all kinds of situations throughout their lives. Such behavior is practiced by no mother, as they are known for her immense love and care towards her children. As per the definition by National Institute of Mental Health, bipolar disorder is "a brain disorder that causes irregular changes in mood, energy, level of activity, and the capacity to do everyday errands" ("Bipolar Disorder"). A bipolar patient is noted to go through the stages of depression, midrange and some level of insanity. All through The Glass Castle, Jeanette depicts her mom going through each of the three stages. For instance, Rosemary was depicted as being sophisticated and composed in one scene, but in another, she was hysterical and extremely hyper. Some characteristics of showing manic…

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