The Glass Castle By Rex Walls Essay examples

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In The Glass Castle, Rex walls is usually seen as an alcoholic within the story by his family, it is mostly noticed by his daughter Jeannette. His drinking usually gets so bad that Rosemary has to look in books on “How to cope with an Alcoholic” just to find a way to help him, but what exactly is alcohol abuse? Alcohol abuse is when someone is drinking excessively, binge drinking, or just over doing the drinking. My view on the problem of alcohol abuse is that it is a serious problem because many people suffer from it, the problems this causes are crazy because they throw off relationships with marriages and their children. When someone is drunk, they are a completely different person and that can be very dangerous for the safety of their spouse and/ or children.
How this issue relates to The Glass Castle is it causes an issue with Rex’s and Rosemary’s marriage because they usually fight with each other and Rex’s drinking issue is always brought into it, “she was calling Dad names like "blankety blank" and. "worthless drunk so-and-so." “but yet they would still be together because the mom has hope that he can get out of his addiction sooner or later.”(Page 27 PDF version) One of the main types of alcohol abuse is binge drinking, which is drinking a lot of alcohol within a really short time in order to get drunk really quick. I see this type of alcohol abuse as a dangerous type due to the fact if someone tries to drink too much alcohol and actually overdoing it, there 's a…

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