Prohibiting Young People To Drink Alcohol

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During the fourth of July many people enjoy going to baseball games with their families to celebrate. Military people get to come home sometimes during this time but those 18 years of age don’t get to drink at the games like every other “adult” can (McAloon A.11.). Some people say its “un-American,” how these military men and women that are risking their lives for us in war don’t get to do everything as they please such as drink alcohol. Our nation should understand that prohibiting young people to drink alcohol won’t work because they have already learned that prohibition was a failure during the 1900s. Psychological effects of prohibiting drinking makes doing so all the more enticing (“Why Colleges”). A man once stated that service members …show more content…
Not only characters in the movies who drink but the product placement also causes teens to drink that specific brand of alcohol (“Alcohol in Movies”). Studies show that teens are more prone to the progress of binge drinking from watching it being done in movies by kids of the same age.
Over the years there has been over 6500 teens from the ages of 14-16 who have been regularly quizzed about alcohol in movies and the influence it had on them (“Alcohol in Movies”). These kids have been quizzed for over 2 years randomly and most of them say that they have thought about drinking because of all the fun it seems in movies (“Alcohol in Movies”).
Drinking alcohol isn’t always fun and games sometimes it leads to extreme consequences, such as death from driving and drinking, liver damage, and you could make bad choices. Young teenagers who drink are drinking large amounts of alcohol which can make you feel invincible and may underestimate the dangers of getting behind a wheel (Ogilvie E.1.). Most people are not thinking clearly while drinking making them more prone to doing crazy things which may seem fun at the time but in reality you are making yourself look

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