The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Essay

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Warning: Toxic Relationships Ahead
The book The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls shows many different hardships Jeannette and her family all went through. One of the most prominent issues throughout the entire book was unhealthy relationships. There were unhealthy relationships between Jeannette’s parents, Maureen and her mom, and different girls at her school. All of these relationships, in one way or another, shaped Jeannette into the person she is today. The Glass Castle gave a lot of insight into Jeannette and her family’s emotionally draining relationships and struggles throughout her life.
Liz* and I became best friends back in fourth grade. We were completely inseparable. The two of us had many of the same interests at the time, but in particular, we were both obsessed with playing with baby dolls. Most other girls had grown out of this phase, but we still had so much fun. We never wanted to tell anyone else because we were always afraid that others would make fun of us or judge us that we were still playing with dolls in the fourth grade. When that phase finally died out, we started to love makeup. This was not quite as embarrassing to share with others because it was pretty common for girls to love makeup. We would always get together and watch YouTube tutorials about how to do makeup or different fashion hauls. We were always together and always had something to talk about.
As we got older, more problems started to arise. Girl drama seemed to be never ending in…

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