The Gladiatorial Games And The Roman Empire Essay

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Ancient Rome was a clear picture of dichotomy; Rome was considered as one of the most civil societies in the Ancient world- so it would come as a surprise that Ancient Rome’s foundations were built on bloodshed, tyranny by Emperor Lucius Commodus, savagery and slavery. Although to the Roman people, bloodshed was not viewed as a cruelty but rather as a source of entertainment. This is how the Gladiatorial Games were brought upon the Roman Empire. Entertainment in any modern or ancient society has always been a crucial part of its culture. In our modern day societies, we use entertainment such as sporting events, as a way to socialize and take a break from our daily stresses. This was the same in Ancient Rome. Although nowadays, our forms of entertainment are much less violent and cruel, Roman emperors had similar ideas and motivations to entertain his people. The emperors used the Gladiatorial Games as a way to make themselves more popular with the Roman people so that their term in power may last longer. As time progressed, the games became decreasingly popular and its eventual abolition due to many factors- Christianity being one of the main factors.
The influence of the introduction of the gladiatorial games on the society of Ancient Rome allowed the ruling Emperor of the time to boost his own political status as well as boost moral of the Roman masses during a period of constant war which revolutionized the standards of entertainment in Rome. Assumed from the early…

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