Analysis Of The Girls In Their Summer Dresses By Irwin Shaw

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In the short story, "The Girls in Their Summer Dresses", illustrated by Irwin Shaw, it involves a couple whom is walking the streets of Manhattan. One person may not just have a focus on their significant other, but rather many others of the opposite gender. Some, may say that their relationship is like any others. However, it is described as hurtful or unacceptable. Married couples need to be focused on their significant other, meaning only showing affection and love to that person. Thus, allowing a healthy and less complicated relationship.
Is the word love something that needs to be thrown around, or is it a word that is meaningful and powerful? Does one word, get the point a crossed of how truly affectionate someone is to another? Love
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The first part in fixing your problems as a couple is admitting when someone is wrong. It can drop the situation and make the future much brighter. Michael, does not have the decency to admit when he is wrong. He truly believes that he didn’t do anything wrong or right. In regards of how disrespectful Michael acts, he makes a comment stating, "I look at women," he said. "Correct. I don 't say it 's wrong or right, I look at them. If I pass them on the street and I don 't look at them, I 'm fooling you, I 'm fooling myself." Michael should at least have the decorousness to look at women on his own time, if he truly feels that maybe his woman does not fully fulfill his needs. In contrast to being “mature” a prime example would be thinking of someone other than yourself and their feelings – realizing that Frances can be deeply hurt by the actions he’s taken.
In conclusion, the story “The Girls in Their Summer Dresses” shows a tremendous amount of fragileness, insecurity, selfishness and fear. It shows that love is a one-way street in their situation, when it should be a two-way. It indicates that one may not be so in love with the other – one’s eye is caught consistently by the opposite gender. Michael, is a selfish and careless individual, while Frances, is all about her relationship with Michael that she starts to feel insecure about herself from the lack of attention from

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