The Girl 's Varsity Basketball Program Essay

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The girl’s varsity basketball program at Rockwall High School holds one state championship title, an unbroken district championship record of nearly twelve years and has competed in a total of three state championship games since 2005; the third state championship being in 2011¬, my freshman year. Though I had been playing basketball all my life, I knew I could improve myself after having been on the “B team” in middle school. I was still just discovering how to be fully in control of my long, lanky limbs, but nonetheless, I wanted more than to go out on the court and perform just as skillfully and poised as the girls on our varsity team. I mean they were going to state. They were celebrities in my eyes and they had earned it, too. The motto of our basketball program was to achieve excellence by means of attitude, hard work, heart, character and unity— something our varsity team had mastered both on and off the court. That year, the 2011 UIL High School Girl’s Basketball State Conference was held at the Erwin Center in Austin. Little did I know that this brief weekend trip during my freshman year to support the varsity in the state game would ultimately lead me to writing this essay four years later.
After spending a weekend in Austin and touring the campus for the first time, I knew immediately that someday I wanted to return to UT, but as an official Longhorn. Not only did I fall in love with the atmosphere, but also the level of excellence to which the entire campus…

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