Essay The Genre Of Metal And Its Subgenres

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The genre of metal and its subgenres (such as metalcore, thrash, deathcore, etc.) have obtained a bad reputation in the eye of the public. From a first listen, the screamed vocals and heavy guitar riffs, many people just to the conclusion that the music is evil and the lyrics contain messages of devil-worshiping. This isn’t not completely a true statement, as there are many bands in the modern metal scene that are considered “Christian bands”. What I mean when I use this term, is basically the message of good and religion is spoken through the lyrics, but it is combined with a metal twist. Many popular bands have emerged in the metal community; bands such as The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, Betraying the Martyrs, and Underoath have all become very popular. All of the bands happen to be some of my favorites that I listen to frequently. These bands are evidence that not all metal or heavier music is satanic. The history of Heavy Metal and it is origins go back to the late 1960’s. In the United Kingdom and the United States, bands were creating a new style of music. The styles of metal originated from blues rock and psychedelic rock and created a new sound with heavy distorted guitars, faster drum patterns, extended solos, and an overall louder sound. Some early examples of bands using this formula and that were credited with the title of “Heavy Metal” would be bands like Black Sabbath, who broke out into the newly formed metal scene with their single…

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