The Genocide Of The Rwandan Genocide Essay

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Genocide is believed to be an exceptional and rare phenomena; yet, this is not the case. Gregory Stanton (2013) estimated that since the foundation of genocide watch started there has been around 70 million deaths across 45 genocides (Stokes and Gabriel, 2010). One of the most well-known being the Rwandan genocide.
The nature of the Hutu and Tutsi’s historical pastoral or agricultural roles, suggest that the Tutsis were more commonly found to be landowners. Whereas, Hutus worked on the land, normally crop growers. From this division of Labour perpetuated a large population imbalance where by Hutus outnumbered Tutsis. This divide which grew between the Hutu and the Tutsi, became even larger, when European colonists entered Rwanda. During the Berlin conference of 1884 assigned Rwanda to Germany (Newbury, 1988). The European colonists, believed that the Tutus were more Caucasian than the Hutu, due to their height, heritage of landowners and “European eyes”, therefore had more of an aristocratic appearance and were more racially superior to conduct colonial administrated tasks. The European colonial powers also introduced modern weapons and concepts of pursuing war. Missionaries, also came from Europe, familiarising political twists, such as the Church teaching the Hutu to see themselves as oppressed (Prunier, 1995).
Yet, Germany, lost possession of Rwanda during the First World War, and the territory was then placed under Belgian Administration. On November 1st 1959, a Hutu…

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