Essay about The Generation Of Baby Boomers

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People are categorized by their age from the date of their birth to the current time. Age not only influences one’s life span but the time period they were raised in, the life changing events they’ve gone through and the different lifestyles they became accustomed to. In the United States the generation of Baby Boomers have been overly studied and critique by researchers, with their influx of birth rates from the years of 1946-1964, and their overwhelmingly demand of hospital delivery rooms, social security as well as Medicare. Now, a few generations after the Baby Boomers the United states is faced with a new dilemma, the generation of the so called “Millennial” the group of people that was born between 1989-2000s. This generation brings new problems to the table. The Millennial Generation is categorized as the “Worst Generation” due to the attributes they are given. Millennial are viewed as narcissistic, apathetic and lazy. Even though Millennial are viewed as the “Bad Generation” there’s a reason behind their traits with correlation the time frame they are placed in the Economic and social standings of the country, and are not entirely their fault. Millennial turned out to be one of the powerhouses, that pushed the United States out of recession during 2007. On top of their Student debt, and financial issues, Millennial seem to be the happiest generation within their social lives, marrying later in life and enjoying life.
Millennial, out of any other generation has the…

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