The Gender Schema Process Participants Essay

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The study included six participants, three females and three males. The participants age range from 22 to 28. The participants were from a minority ethnic group. Each participant identifies themselves as Hispanic: one Mexican, three Mexican Americans, and two Puerto Rican. They were contacted via email and selected due to their availability of time to participate. All the participants were close friends or family members. They were individuals that I knew from several years and had a close relationship with. That gave me the facility to identify each of my participants as androgynous, masculine, and feminine. My classification was as follows, two females as “feminine”, two males as “masculine”, one male as “androgynous”, and one female as “androgynous”.
To examine the gender schema process participants participated in a memory task. The study took place in two different settings given not all participants were available at the same time. The first location was a park on a Saturday during 11:00 am to 2:00 pm where I meet three participants. The second location was a coffee shop on Sunday in the evening at 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm where I meet the rest of the participants. I record each participant gender as female or male and their identity as androgynous, masculine, and feminine before performing the study. I informed each of the participants that the memory task consisted of recalling 12 words. The words would be read aloud from a list and they…

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