The Gay Liberation Movement Essay

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In the 1960’s, America had laws that stated homosexuality was forbidden and was a punishable offence. The gay community after dealing with discrimination and police brutality had decided they had to fight for their civil rights. Throughout this paper I will answer the following questions: what led to the start of the gay liberation movement, who led as well as the advocated for the movement, what discriminations that gays and lesbians faced, what were the goals of the movements and how they achieved them as well as what was the aftermath of the movement. By answering these questions, we will explore what oppressions the community had to go through to achieve the rights they were entitled to.
Throughout the history of the United States, same-sex relationships were not accepted. The message sent to gays and lesbians was “that their sexual orientation was wrong—a mental illness, a perversion, a sin against nature and God. Many gay men and lesbians believed this message and worked hard to change their attraction to the same gender.” Many women and men lived double lives fearing being arrested or attacked for who they were attracted to. Through the 1950’s and 60’s many federal agencies and police forces focused a lot of their revenue and manpower investigating and arresting people they labeled as “sexual perverts” who were part of the gay community. Another example of the United States oppressing the gay community was in many states social gathering and alcohol distributions…

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