Essay on The Garden Depot Case Report

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Established in 1985, was a small, family-owned floral company, known as The Garden Depot, located in Barrie, Ontario. By 2007, The Garden Depot operated a successful 12,000 square-foot retail store, a law maintenance division and, a landscaping division. Due to the nature of the gardening business, The Garden Depot’s sales fluctuated with seasonal demands. An important individual and key player in the business is Janice Bowman. After thirteen years of service with one of The Garden Depot’s competitor’s, Bowman was offered a position at The Garden Depot in 2005. In March 2006, Bowman became the office manager, which included tasks such as inventory management, computer oriented individual who would go to great lengths to ensure
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The concern was that other customers may have been overcharged for hours that Strong had not actually been working there; therefore, keeping the money for himself. An unconcerned Sinclair had not expressed much concern, nor was he willing to look further into the issue.
The Garden Depot’s problems noted above may have been a result of many instances that have occurred in the company. Many of the problems occurring in the landscaping division are a result of Derek Sinclair becoming a part of The Garden Depot and, lacking the knowledge necessary to carry out everyday tasks as a manager. Since Sinclair is the son-in-law of the owner/president of The Garden Depot, Murray King, he may have secured his position as a manager out of sympathy or, he was curious about the landscaping industry and wanted to learn more and, King had acknowledged this. For these reasons, he should have not been hired for this position. King failed to think about the big picture and how not having a qualified manager could have a negative impact on the landscaping division. Bowman is dedicated to her job and wants to help The Garden Depot to succeed; however, she is involved in too many areas of the business. Bowman is so concentrated on helping to complete other employees’ tasks, that she is neglecting her own responsibilities. Bowman has

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