Essay on The Gap Between Science And The Media

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Merging the Gap Between Science and the Media Science has provided solutions to the most puzzling diseases in society, but more recently, a lurking illness resides in an unexpected area: the media. The advent of modern technology is, undoubtedly, a powerful and profound transformation for human civilization, and the media is a standing testament to technological feasibilities: information, news and social trends are now accessible to the public 24 hours a day. However, accessibility is not immune to susceptibility and malleability. Current evaluations of the media 's role in reporting scientific information reveal poor integrations of media and science. In most cases, scientific jargon and data can make communicating research to the public difficult, leading to obscured meaning and understanding of the information presented. Mediation of scientific communication between the media and the scientific community is necessary to preserve accuracy while utilizing the fruits of today’s technological accessibility. Therefore, American media, having the ability to greatly promote a public interest in scientific literacy, must take responsibility to report only accurate scientific information in order to diminish the possibility of promoting unsubstantiated science and misleading the public.
Focus on science and the public has been a topic of interest that has followed society throughout history. However, both the field of science and communications have…

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