The Future Of The Hands Of Our Children Essay

2052 Words Oct 28th, 2016 9 Pages
The future lies in the hands of our children. A rich nation is not measured in the amount of money or resources a country has, but instead how they raise the next generation. The children of today will become the adults of tomorrow and decide what the future will be like. We want our children to be empowered. Our children need to be responsible, ethical, caring visionaries who will change our world to make it a better place. The visionary of tomorrow might be a doctor who discovers the cure for cancer or the scientist who unearths a way to impede climate change. This not just the parents’ obligation to cultivate the child, however, it is also the commitment of society to help. As a future educator, I will pledge to educate our students to be extraordinary instead of ordinary. The reason why I say this is that every child should think he/she is extraordinary. When they construct our future world, I want them to realize that it is it not possible to create extraordinary in ordinary and make changes for the better. I want our future adults to create an opening when there is none, thus creating hope. To develop empowered children, I will dedicate to ensure three things. First, I will promote student engagement, helping them to feel empowered. Second, I will teach my students the importance of integrity, revealing how the best individuals are authentic and sincere. Last, of all; demonstrate to my students that continual learning is significant to prosper in a…

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