The Future of Nursing Essay example

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The Future of Nursing

In 2010 the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJK), a subsidiary of the Institute of Medicine (IOM), issued a report on nursing called, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, (
According to the IOM official website, (, “…the IOM provides independent, objective, evidence-based advice to policy makers, health professional, the private sector, and the public. The IOM advises Congress on important health questions, from the quality of medical care to conflicts of interest in medical research”. The IOM also states that they make honest calls and request that the highest standards be
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Education in turn will lead to an increase in nurses with the ability to take on the role as a leader. Leadership roles are vital and have a direct impact on health care. Leaders have the ability to effect change by providing an outline for other nurses to follow.
If the IOM report recommendations were put into place and followed, nursing practice would chance greatly. There would be a greater number of nurses with higher levels of education which in turn provides a workforce of nurses that strived for excellence, would be working as equals with their counterparts, strive for best patient practice, and would be able to handle the ever changing high demands of health care.
Reviewing the 2010 IOM report on The Future of Nursing has caused a self-evaluation of my nursing practice. In order to meet the goals set forth by the IOM report I would have to make some changes. I initiated my first change by currently being enrolled in college to obtain my baccalaureate degree in nursing. I need to increase the educational opportunities for myself and my employees. Do to the budget restraints this fiscal year at work, educational opportunities have been far and few between. However, there are many ways to bring educational opportunities

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