The Future of Hrm Essay

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Sustainable Human Resource Management: Is it the future or just an interesting theory?
The purpose of this work was to understand whether sustainable human research management is a solution for the future of HRM. For this reason a research was made regarding the concept of sustainability, its relationship with HRM, and some early versions of how this concept might work. The research showed that while the general knowledge of this perspective idea has been around for a few decades, researchers have only covered some of the basics about this topic. The research also demonstrated some of the positive implications this idea could inflict if it could actually be successful implemented. From the results it can be concluded that
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The United States Bureau of Labor reports that in 2008 and 2009 over 8,5 million people in the US lost their jobs, while the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia reports that more almost 160 thousand people lost their jobs in Latvia (“Employment Situation Summary,” n.d.). The unemployment rate and economy is only now becoming stable again – more than 5 years after the crisis. After the crisis a new way of thinking started trending – sustainability. Governments and organizations started thinking more about how to keep on operating without serious interruptions, even if there is another crisis. HRM resource management is important in any company or organization, so, naturally, sustainability is becoming a more and more popular guideline when planning for the future. But is this mindset applicable to HRM? Is sustainability be the best tool for companies to ensure a long and consistent future? This paper will see the current progress of this approach, and identify some of its core features.
Literature review:
1. Recent Developments and Future Prospects on Sustainable Human Resource Management: Introduction to the Special Issue (Ehnert & Harry, 2012) A great overall look about the sustainability of HRM. This research is more about raising the awareness of this topic and motivating others to look deeper into this, rather than making an in depth look at this issue. The authors are looking at the past and asking questions for the future by looking at

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