The Future Of Digital Crime And Digital Terrorism Essay

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The future of digital crime and digital terrorism is important to consider how the landscape of cybercrime looks into the future. Computer technology shifts and changes within time. In this paper review and explore the trends, needs, and issues related to cyber crime and terror in the future through the use of forecast.As we gain the knowledge of cybercrime and cyber terrorism, there has been researching study on the evolution of cyber threats in security. The levels of awareness of cyber threats have increased. Law enforcements act globally to combat them. The impact on society has become unsustainable on the global economic crisis. In this paper, it will discuss the effects of digital crime and digital terrorism and the what the future holds. Thus far there hasn 't been a computer that hasn 't been built that could not be hacked(Marc Goodman).

The overall impact of combating digital crime and terrorism
The overall result of utilizing information technology in fighting digital crime and terrorism is that digital crime quantifies the cost of damage to national security, exploit routine and vulnerability( Crimes creates a social cost of a website hosting child pornography or advocating terrorism to impose a real cost on society. Cyber crime is the useful innovation in our receiving country. Cyber criminals are improving ways to be non traceable and to be more resistant in their malicious structures to take down an operation by law enforcement(Pierluigi…

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