The Future Of Apple Inc.

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Steve Jobs the former co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. said it’s not the customer’s job to know what they want. From the beginning, Steve Jobs liked to invent products for the future that would innovate the way we live and change the world. Apple Inc. is now American biggest and most profitable multinational technology company that makes computer software and electronics. Regardless of Apple reputation, Apple didn’t really invent anything. All of its main product department from laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, MP3 players existed before. But Apple’s version of these products such as the Macintosh computers, iPad, iPhone, and the iPod innovated the way we live and change the world in large a part.
Also, computer
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Portable CD players and the Sony Walkman got destroy by Apple when the iPod got release. It shook up the entire tech industry, launching a new music player that sooner or later nearly everyone wanted and that every tech company tried to copy in some way. Apple made the iPod the perfect way to carry out your music collection in your pocket. The release of the iPod helped Apple develop iTunes and its App Store, which are built in stores and the world’s largest music catalog, where you can load up your favorite songs and listen on the go. With the invention of the iPod it enhance our music experience even …show more content…
Becoming the tablet everybody wanted and produce multiply copycats in the industry but no one can do it better as the iPad. It makes complex work seem natural as touching, swiping, or using a smart pencil. The iPad is capable, versatile and portable than any other tablet that come before it. Tablets now sell as many units as personal computers do, and the iPad was one of the fastest adopted mass electronic in history. Tablets can be your portable computer, but they’re also your personal TV.
Last but not least, Apple has the power the power to change the world by just making a product announcement. With the release of the Apple Watch, a smartwatch apple was has yet again shaken up the tech industry. Obliviously, there were smartwatches before. Most are very good, and most also only work on Android. With the Apple Watch you can track and share your activity. Measure your workouts. Monitor your health and stay connected to the people and information you care about most. Making your life a

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