Function And Structure Of The Electoral College

The Electoral College
The Electoral College is defined as a group of people elected by voters of each state in the United States to elect the vice president and the president of the United States (Patterson, 2013). To understand the Electoral College more in depth, one must understand the function and structure of the Electoral College, the comparison of popular votes and the Electoral College, and the benefit a voter has using the Electoral College system.
The founding fathers had two primary reasons for creating the Electoral College. The first reason for creating the structure was to give more voting power to smaller states. A second reason for creating the Electoral College is, it creates a buffer between the population and the selection of the president of the United States (Sterling, 1981). The Electoral College was established in the year of 1787. In the year of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, considered several methods of electing
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However one views the election process of the United States of America for president, the fact still remains the people do vote, and that vote is represented by that states elector, which is elected by that state. The voice of the people play the most major role of all in selecting the president of the Unites States of America.
The founding fathers of America had a vision, and that vision involved a fair voting system, the Electoral College was established to give the smaller states a voice, a voice that might have been overlooked otherwise, and the Electoral College acts as buffer between population and the selection of both vice president and president of the United States of America. Without the Electoral College, chaos would take front roll seat. It is a structure implemented in this country by our founding fathers to help shine the light, and magnify the ultimate winner of the presidential

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