The Friendship Network Of My Dorm Hall Essay

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The friendship network of my dorm hall is contingent on who roomed with who, as well as what classes and extracurricular activities each individual chose to participate in. Attitudinal behaviors regarding any given individual’s study habits and alcohol consumption varied and affected relationships, but as a whole, students on my hall are friends with one another, although the types of these friendships vary case by case. Correlatively speaking, there is also an overall trend that those who study alone or in the dorm are those who do not condone alcohol consumption and going out. A prime example of this is Jordan and Xara, whom are roommates and friends, but due to their conflicting homework habits and interests, are often at odds with one another. Jordan is less social, more likely to study in a quiet area, and less apt to “go out” and drink as Xara, who enjoys study groups and socializing. As result, the pair have found stronger friendships with other people. Jordan is more similar in her views on alcohol consumption to Joyce (whose own roommate is very much her opposite), Hema, and Aurora. Indeed, the four of them are rooming together next year because their lifestyle habits align.
My roommate Kelly and I are arguably very close because we share and exhibit compatible values and behaviors. Both of us sleep late, are interested in a career path in biological science, and prefer the solitude of our room as a place for study. Because of this, we tend to spend a lot of time…

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