Essay about The French And Indian War

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Question One

Great Britain engaged in it would seem several wars throughout history. By the 1700s Great Britain was in jeopardy of continuing to maintain a strong union of military defense. The British had no outside allies, would join forces with in an effort to push the French out of the Mississippi Valley. Therefore, British, its colonies, and Native Americans had to go to war against the French alone. On May 18, 1756 British declared war known today as the “French and Indian War. This war would cost the British tremendously. “The successful conclusion of the Seven Year’ War the French and Indian War in the British colonies left Great Britain with a huge debt.
William Pitt, a George’s cabinet minister deemed it necessary for Britain to swallow the cost of the war. Great Britain had no desire to pay this debt alone. The British was most interested in their own endeavors of trading and claiming land. British decided to seek other measures as an effort to force the colonies to pay taxes that would pay off their revenue to the mother country. British taxed nearly everything possible not to mention requiring the colonies pay to support their military defense. England did not pose such a problem in supporting the British effort to collect on the debt. England sent troops to support British attack against the French. The Americans did nothing. Outraged at the Americans, the British claimed the Americans showed a lack of gratitude by refusing to pay on the debt. According to,…

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