Essay on The Freedom War : The Civil War

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Essay Question #2: The Freedom War I hate this the Civil War is called what it is. Civil is defined as being courteous and kind, but none of this existed from 1861-1865 as war raged in America. Over six hundred thousand people were killed in a war that was rooted in insurrection and rebellion. This war was violent gruesome, and filled with hatred for the other side. It was a modern war fought in the realm of antiquity. Somehow the cultural schisms between the Northern and Southern states grew so large that Americans not only lost their shared national identities, but also in some cases lost their humanity all together. There was nothing civilized about the Civil War. Instead, I would call the war between the Union and Confederate States the “Freedom War”. I feel that it accurately describes why this war was fought. Whether moral or amoral, both sides fought in order to maintain or gain freedoms they believed were their God given birthright. The Confederate States of America for the freedom to enslave, and the Union for the freedom from enslavement. The Civil War was not an immediate event. Instead it was decades of legislation and political conflict that eventually boiled over when the South seceded to “protect” their institution of slavery. For the Confederacy, one of the first straws that broke the camel’s back was the Missouri Compromise of 1820. This was designed to curtail the expansion of slavery North of the 36˚30’ Parallel (Halabi). This essentially backed the…

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