The Freedom Of Speech By James Madison Essay

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The first eleven amendments were written in the Constitution on September seventeenth in seventeen eighty-seven by James Madison. The first amendment included the freedom of speech. Even though James Madison wrote the first amendment, he was not the individual that came up with it. “Jefferson was concerned with the right to exercise religious freedom, freedom of speech and press” (who wrote). Thomas Jefferson who was his mentor, persuaded James Madison to include freedom of speech in an amendment in the constitution (who wrote). The bill of rights had a very distinguished advocate which was James Madison. Madison saw how in the past people had been incarcerated, and some people were whipped for speaking in opposition towards the government. He did not think this was right. James Madison wanted the people of the United States to be protected. He strongly believed that the government could not be trusted. He also believed that the government would interfere with the rights of the individuals. This is why James Madison thought so strongly of the freedom of speech (Leinwand 16). Freedom of speech should have limits. These limits should include burning of the United States flag.
Gregory Lee Johnson “a member of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade” decided to burn a United States flag “outside the 1984 Republican National convention in Dallas, Texas” (Leinwand 1). Johnson felt this was a way to speak out to the “United States Government” (Leinwand 1). Mr. Johnson was…

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