The Fragility Of Women Within The Pecuniary Sphere Essay

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman argues about the fragility of women within the pecuniary sphere and how the economic standing for all people is defined and controlled by men. According to Gilman, human females are the only ones directly attached and solely dependent on men unlike other female species. In ‘Women and Economics,’ she examines the traditional roles of women and how this limited view prevents them from obtaining any economic dependence or identity outside of their husbands. Women do not “produce or distribute wealth,” which she finds highly problematic and cause for social and economic reform.
During Gilman’s time, women were largely regulated to performing house duties such as cleaning, cooking, rearing children and nurturing the family. Although crucial to society, the woman is never compensated for her work. And even in examining wealthy families who are considered successful, the praise and reasoning behind their socioeconomic standing is credited entirely to the man. The economic status of women is always rooted in their relationship to men rather it is their husband, father or son. Therefore, women can never truly establish any true independence.
Gilman specifically looks at marriage as a partnership to which women are not compensated. Even though women contribute to ensuring the man is provided for her so that he may perform work and bring in income [which the women is prohibited from doing] her role in the overall function of the family is not recognized…

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