The Four Parenting Styles

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This paper examines Diana Baumrind's recognition of the four parenting styles. The information was gathered from the internet, surveys, and book ” Invitation To The Lifespan”. The research was conducted to find the best parenting style use to raise a child. The four parenting styles that was researched was Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and Neglectful. This research explores the effects on the brain, how each parenting style affects people for the rest of their lives, and why a certain parenting style is the best to use. Diana defines each 4 parenting style as: Authoritarian parenting an approach to child rearing that is characterized by high behavioral standards, strict punishments or misconduct, and little communication. Permissive …show more content…
Neglectful parenting is an approach to child rearing in which the parents are indifferent towards their children and unaware of what is going on in their children’s/child’s lives. The study based the surveys off of these parenting definitions and were taken by adults age 18 and up. This study emphasizes the relationship between a child and parents/caregivers.
Keywords: Authoritarian, Permissive, Authoritative, Neglectful

Which Parenting Style Is the Best Used For Parenting
This research is finding the best parenting style used to raise your child. One parenting method that is used but is far from the best parenting style is Neglectful parenting. Neglectful/Uninvolved parenting is an ongoing failure to meet a child’s basic needs. When a child is lacking medical attention, health care, adequate clothing, starving or dirty is neglecting your child. It is also considered neglectful parenting when a child is not receiving love, attention, lack of protection from any type of harm, educationally, emotionally, and physically are types of ways that parents/caregivers can neglect a child and is considered child abuse. The next type of parenting method is Permissive parenting. Permissive parents tend to be very loving, but provide very few guidelines and rules for their
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This will cause poor attachment that will alter every relationship in the victim's life. This will also affect the bond that they will create with their own children. The results of neglecting a child can result in slow development verbally if the child was neglected as an early age, a malnourished young child causes delayed brain growth. Neglecting a child can also cause Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), memory impairments, and depression at an early age. Adults who claim they were neglected as a child surveyed that they would not prefer to raise their child in a neglectful way. When a child is raised by the Permissive parenting method, there can be many negative outcomes for the child. Some of the effects from this parenting method are lack of self-discipline from making poor decisions, poor social skills, and may be insecure due to the lack of boundaries and guidance. These children may also display more aggression and less emotional understanding and may lead to substance use. Children raised with this parenting style also display low achievement in areas from their parents having little to no expectations of them, these children have nothing to strive forward. Through Baumrind’s parenting styles, we are able to see how parents can have a lifelong impact on their children and their behavior. The

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