Hip-Hop Music In The 1960's In Phildelphia

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Hip Hop music is a language that references the cultural and technical events prevalent in society. As sited in the lecture, "hip hop music has a diverse and colorful history"with stem in "graffiti",b-boying,djing, and mc 'ing . This essay will explore the four elements of hip hop in depth. Graffiti immerged in the early 1960 's in Phildelphia (lecture notes). To graffiti was to express yourself through art on anything around the city. Next is B-Boying or break dancing, which came along shortly after graffiti in the early 70 's in the Bronx (lecture notes). This was a way for the Hip-Hop to reveal a talent that made everyone get on their feet and have a good time. Hip Hop music creates distinction between the cultural and technical implications that surround it. Hip Hop music is fractured into quadrants. There are four talents given and held by Hip Hop music. The first being, graffiti; which is a style of art, comprised of spraycan paint and billboard boldness. It means to "get up" and catch fame by putting your nametag beautifully in as many places possible. It is all about creating something from nothing. The art form helped so many people develop an awareness of beauty. Even though it is often implied that graffiti is the code word between criminals, it actually represents an ideal in …show more content…
Graffiti has and will most likely live on for as long as time goes on. This element is used daily by not only those who love hip-hop, but by artist who love to show their talent. B-boying is a vital element in hip-hop because of how relevant it was then and now. To be a b-boy, you are dancing to what DJ 's and MC 's have created. DJ 's and MC 's work hand in hand to make the way songs flow when b-boys are dancing to it. These elements all play a major role to make each other successful. I believe that hip-hop has come a long way and that the foundation of hip-hop will live

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