Disadvantages Of Immigration

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Claire Couvillion, Cole Catherine Dunnam, Amelia Talbot
Mr. Andricain
Theology III – 1st
24 March 2015
The term “immigration” is the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. Someone who has citizenship in one country, but enters a different country in order to set up a permanent residence is known as an immigrant. Traveling to another country without the intentions of permanently settling there is not considered immigration. There are two types of immigrants: legal and illegal. A legal immigrant is someone who enters a different country with the purpose of living there permanently while first receiving the proper visa and clearance. An illegal immigrant is someone who enters a different country where he/she
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The alternative ways to deal with immigration are open immigration, making emigration unnecessary, admitting only what we need, and restricting all forms of immigration. If open immigration is pursued, more than 50 million immigrants will enter the United States. This will overwhelm our economy. Open immigration will also take skilled workers out of other countries. Lastly, this would make it much simpler to terrorists to enter our country. Emotionally, this alternative would bring joy to those willing to start a new life that they have had hopes and dreams of. Emotionally for Americans this may cause stress and depression through job losses and vulnerability. Spiritually this would be the ideal solution, everyone is able to pursue the life they have always dreamed of or escape bad situations in their current countries. By eliminating a need for emigration, this would involve the indirect action of aiding programs and services abroad to provide for high skilled workers. This would unfortunately work negatively with the U.S.’s need for high-skilled foreign workers. A positive of eliminating the need for emigration would be more ability to monitor those entering the country. This emotionally would help Americans feel safer and also allow people to stay in their native land and chase the life they have always wanted. This would boost our nation’s relationship with other foreign countries unlike closing boarders would as well. Spiritually this alterative is also positive. It will have a long lasting effect on people and follows the church’s guidelines to immigration laws. If the United States was to allow only skilled workers into the country, this would positively affect production, industries, welfare, and other social services in the states. The problem with this is it decimates against those whom have not been allowed the privilege of learning or reading. Some people desire for a better life but are

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