Synthesis Essay: Immigrants In America

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Although people see open boarders would result as a negative impact on the United States, It would give America an economic boost, helping the needy, and clarify stereotypical myths.
Many people think that Immigrants consume this false “American dream” “America is considered a “ land of opportunity” where many Americans believe in liberty, equality, hard work, and eventual prosperity.”(Source E) they see through media and come to America looking for that only to that, only to take away a citizens job: cause they are willing to work for less. Reality they are taking the jobs nobody wants and filling in that role which is needed for the American society.
Having immigrants in the American workforce brings diversity. “They provide business contacts to other markets, enhancing America’s ability to trade and invest profitably in the global economy. They keep our economy flexible, allowing U.S. producers to keep prices down and to respond to
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Immigrants usually migrate looking for better. “Latino immigrants come from Mexico, Central America, South America, And Island in the Caribbean. A few of the motiving factors that bring Hispanic immigrants to the united states include a lack of resources and opportunity in their home countries, abuse of their government, extreme poverty, even the search for adventure.”(Source E). In such extreme cases we should welcome them with open arms. Like for example the refugees in Syria “Their homes and schools have been bombed out of existence by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad merciless regime. Their lives have been imperiled by ISIL and terrorism. (Source B). Those people are going through devastating times as of now, but providing there people with homes could later benefit the USA with allies when needed with these counties in need as of now. Its like that old saying “ help others cause you never know when you’ll need them” its always good to make

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