The Foundation For The Main Purposes Of Civic Education Essay

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Question 1: Republicanism, according to the presentation on History of Education is, “The foundation for the main purposes of civic education.” In other words, republicanism is the base for the purposes of public schools. Thomas Jefferson advocated for republicanism. The purpose of republicanism was to educate people so that they could vote intelligently and so that people could understand the republic and how it works. Jefferson created a bill called, “Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge,” which provided extra opportunities to the most talented people and and equal access to education. Men would go to school for three years and be provided with a general education. Women and those who were enslaved were not eligible to receive the three years of general education. If a man flourished in those years, he would move on in their education and be prepared for leadership roles in society. If he didn’t do well in school, his education would stop and he would just go straight to work.

Question 2: Even though boys and girls go to the sames schools and learn the same materials, they receive different treatments and different educations. A few examples of ways in which boys get treated differently in schools are through methods of instruction, formal curriculum, and hidden curriculum. On average, boys are provided with more attention and remediation from the teacher and better instruction. If a boy is having a hard time in the classroom, the teacher will go over and…

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