The Forming Stage Of Group Essays

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Forming Stage
The forming stage of group can also be viewed as the planning stage which consists of obtaining information about what type of group it is, the length, the number of participants, and whether it is an open or closed group (Corey et al., 2014). However, being an in-class group, the number of participants, the length, and the type of group was preselected for us. Also, each member was required to facilitate for one session and needed to focus on a different stage of group development. This was a closed group that lasted for eight sessions. The writer was given the working and termination stage of group. Leader functions in this stage was to identify goals and the purpose of the group, select members, and to meet with co-facilitator and plan tasks. During this stage, it is important for the facilitator to focus on each member’s goals, expectations, and motivation for joining the group (Toseland & Rivas, 2014). Utilizing the person-centered approach in group, facilitators can participate as members of the group and can disclose their struggles with the group (Corey et al., 2014).
Initial Stage
The initial stage of group gives each member the opportunity to obtain information about the group’s purpose, what will be expected of them, and some exploration. This stage focuses on the importance of team building, to ensure that the members have the opportunity to develop relationships (Corey et al., 2014). The first group session, group member’s roles were to formulate…

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